I’ve recently started to co-produce my first album, which I would love you to hear…

My debut single ,“It’s a Lovely Life For a Labrador”, is the first song from a musical called, “Forever I’ll Call You Mates”, which draws on aspects of my life’s personal experiences.

It features the musical duo Storybook, consisting of my wife Jennifer (songwriter and pianist) and myself Ettore (lead vocalist and drummer). Jennifer was inspired to write this song after observing Ettore’s experiences in managing his four amazing and very different guide dogs. There could have been an infinite number of verses to describe the many crazy and wonderful antics of my dogs but the song tries to capture an overriding sentiment. The music attempts to convey from the dog’s perspective, a day in the life of the Labrador guide dog, at work and at play. This song is a tribute to our dogs who will always be remembered and loved as part of our family. It is also a tribute to all guide dogs who work with their handlers to enable them to share and enjoy in a ‘lovely life’. Sales from this debut single, will presently be donated to Vision Australia Seeing Eye Dog Services.